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The term “Defective Engineering Injury” applies to any injury caused by the defective design of a man-made product, such as:  A piece of furniture, an automobile, firearms, lawn and garden equipment, kitchen gadgets, a baby crib, stroller, or car seat, industrial equipment, household appliances, medical and pharmaceutical devices, and any number of items.  The fact is, practically every tangible thing you come in contact with during every day of your life, was designed by some type of engineer.  Everything from the ceiling fan in your living room and the microwave oven in your kitchen to the cardboard box that holds the tissues in your bathroom and the plastic bottle that holds your favorite soda.  In fact, many people don’t realize it, but there are actually over three dozen categories of engineers, many that contain numerous sub-categories.

Mechanical Engineering - A mechanical engineer can specialize in any of the following engineering lines of work:

Civil Engineering - A civil engineer specializes in the topics associated with planning, designing and constructing infrastructures while ensuring that public and environmental health laws are being adhered to, including:

Chemical Engineering - (An example of defective chemical engineering might include too much muriatic acid in eyedrops, or too much sodium benzoate in your soda.)

Petroleum Engineering – (An example of defective petroleum engineering might include a poorly designed oil pump.)

Electrical Engineering - An electrical engineer can specialize in any of the following engineering lines of work:

Environmental Engineering - An example of defective environmental engineering might include miscalculating the amount of a chemical used to clean algae out of a lake.

Marine Engineering - An example of defective marine engineering might include a ship’s electrical system housing that is not airtight and allows moisture into the wiring which causes a fire.

Mining Engineering - An example of defective mining engineering might include erroneous calculations regarding the underground pathways used to transport the mined materials which cause a cave-in.

Materials Science Engineering - An example of defective materials science engineering might include creating a biomedical device with a carcinogenic material.

Agricultural Engineering - An example of defective agricultural engineering might include designing a piece of harvesting equipment that emits noxious fumes both on the food as well as into the farmer’s lungs.

Paper Engineering - An example of defective paper engineering might include using a process that wastes more trees or other biological material than necessary, thus altering the ecosystem of the harvest site.

Geotechnical Engineering - An example of defective geotechnical engineering might include approving a structure to be erected upon an unstable surface causing it to collapse.

Geological Engineering - An example of defective geological engineering might include approving a railroad tunnel to be dug in unstable ground, causing it to collapse.

Nuclear Engineering - An example of defective nuclear engineering might include failing to ensure all safety standards are adhered to during the course of work at a nuclear power plant, resulting in a dangerous or deadly leak of radiation.

With all the products we encounter on a daily basis that are touched in some way by engineers, it’s not difficult to see how injuries from defective engineering can occur in just about any aspect of our lives. 

Defective Engineering Injuries are also the result of pavement or asphalt that is engineered incorrectly.  A Pavement Engineer is a civil engineer that uses engineering techniques to design and maintain flexible (asphalt) and rigid (concrete) pavements. These paved surfaces include sidewalks, ramps, streets, and highways, and engineering them involves knowledge of soils, hydraulics, and material properties. A pavement engineer deals with new construction as well as the repair and maintenance of existing pavement walkways and ramps. Pavement maintenance often involves using engineering judgment to make repairs with the highest long-term benefit and lowest cost.

Pavement Engineers are required to know -- and utilize -- the building codes associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.  Title III of this Americans with Disabilities Act law deals with public accommodations and commercial facilities being accessible to all people with disabilities.  The ADA requires full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines found in the Code of Federal Regulations.  In part, the Americans with Disabilities Act dictates the specific grade, slope, width, and steepness of wheelchair ramps, including the size and number of landings, the length and width of the handrail, the distance between balusters, the guardrail, and the kick-plate.  If any of these specific requirements are not designed or built to code and a person is injured because of the defective design, this is considered to be a defective engineering injury.

Other examples of defective pavement engineering might include incorrectly graded road surfaces that allow water to pool which causes an auto accident, sidewalks designed and built over tree roots that crack when the tree grows and causes someone to fall, or a highway designed with a sharp curve or short merge lane that proves to be dangerous or deadly.

No matter how you were injured or if a loved one was killed in a defective engineering accident and you aren’t sure what your options are, the attorneys and staff at Dean Burnetti Law are familiar with every aspect of your case.  They are eager to navigate the legal system for you as you travel down the road to physical and financial recovery.  Call Dean Burnetti Law at 863-287-6388 today to schedule your free and confidential consultation.

The attorneys and staff at Dean Burnetti Law are familiar with every aspect of Defective Engineering Accident Injuries, including soft tissue damage, bone injuries, nerve damage, organ damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, and even death. Our team is highly qualified and waiting to serve you.

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